Friday, June 10, 2011

What's the Craic?

First and foremost:  The native language is called Irish, not Gaelic.  I thought so too...

Hello all.  I've made it to Dublin! As you've probably assumed, being as you haven't heard word of my death.'s been quite a whirlwind.  I haven't seen darkness until tonight (Friday) and I got here Thursday morning at 7:40 AM, but really haven't seen darkness since Tuesday night in Iowa.  Very strange..It doesn't get dark here until, oh..10:30/10:45.  The only thing that would make it better/normal would for it to be hot.   Alas, I've been wearing socks..not pleased about that but what can you do!

The first thing a native said to me here was "you look very young", chuckling.  I'm starting to take that compliment easier these days, though I never thought of it as a compliment until recently. Comfortable way to enter the country. 

Euros are bedazzled monopoly money.  Pretty money that you can really really use.

The first day I arrived we basically were brought to our house-by a very fine cab driver may I add (who I also could barely hear sadly being in the back of the van-cab)-and it is the cutest place out of them all, though I'm bias. We have three fireplaces and baskets of coal that we're told not to burn but are determined to faux a smores roasting.  I live with four other girls and it's been surprisingly easy to adjust to-I live by myself in Iowa City.  We are also the furthest away from the IES center, about 25 minutes.  My legs are seasoning and my pace quickening already so I think the bus will have to be a special treat.  
Oh and we had fish and chips last night, very very good but I only ate half and apparently the custom here is not to take your food with you so needless to say I felt very wasteful.  On the flip-side Dublin is an extremely green city.  They expect you to bring your own bag to the shops and find dryers to be extremely (with great emphasis) wasteful.  Some garbage cans have stickers that show their disgust litterers, which makes me very pleased.  I want to steal a bundle and stick them on garbage cans in Iowa City!
I had so much fish since I've left America.  Before the plane ride my parents and I stopped at Culvers: Fish.  Fish&Chip meal equals me eating fish again.  Then last night at dinner we went to a pub and I had smoked salmon which was, like, the best because it was smoked but raw and delicious and if I could have some now that would be very nice thank you.  Had a few pints, namely: a Guinness.  Then something else that tasted lighter like a Miller Light perhaps.
Today we had an orientation.  Very very long but they gave us a few breaks for coffee and one for lunch so that was good.  I got a phone today and my phone number is 086..wait, nevermind.  Ending in 2471 maybe..Sorry creeps.
IES provided us a very nice meal tonight and this is the best part-I had creme brulee for dessert.  Before that we walked around Grafton Street for the first time and it was real exciting, lots of music and people and an old fellow with a drum and shiny bow tie who let me wear his hat and chatted to me and Anna for a bit.

We showed some of our classmates to our house after dinner and did a celebratory shot of Jack Daniels which was appropriate.  Got a very large pint tonight that was I swear twice the size of their Guinesses.  Feeling type-y from the drink perhaps.

So far the morning was weird waking up, as well as the nights..not being in Iowa that is.  I'm sure it'll get better and I really can't wait until the classes start on Monday already.  Goodnight to you all.  So much love.

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