Monday, June 13, 2011

The erection at the intersection

where i be

The music at Toast was a combination of top 40 american hits from the past 20 years.

Today was my first day of classes and it feels very good to finally be in a routine. I found a coffee shop-Moda-which is near IES and seriously great. I don't need much internet-reading and writing, so it's going fine. We had a speaker today, a poet-Siobhán Campbell. Very good, and I'm glad I bought her book and got it signed by her as well-apparently her and Mr.Roper knew eachother and have for years. He said he wanted ther but was too slow before her current husband snagged her up probably about twenty years ago. Mary Morrisey wants us to keep track of 21 epiphanies while in Ireland for her workshop and I really appreciate that idea-an assignment I can honestly do in a night.

It was beautiful when Siobhán was ready and for just a moment the clouds hid the sun, a room that typically uses solely sunlight. Perfect reflection of her preferable dark style of writing.

My roommates and I made a lovely dish last night-Penne Carbonara. . .eggs bacon sauce noodles. Delicious.
Had stuffed peppers tonight. Class.

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