Sunday, June 5, 2011

In a daze

Time is nearly here.  I'm almost gone and already cried buckets. 

My brother coincidentally got married a few days before departing-yesterday actually.  Tears, love, and family. Little is as comforting.

Pat, Lora

While doing laundry, I ran into a man who lives in my building.  He was nice enough to let me go before him and we started to chat about the basics.  Apparently he's lived in Dublin before, and has been there many times-his mom originally from the city.  Thought, or maybe still wants to be-a playwriter-and so that's why he lived there...Citizenship there and everything.  8 people live in this building.  How small was the chance again?

In just one week I'll be sleeping my last few hours of sleep before awaking for my first day of classes in Dublin.  Excitment ensuing.

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