Thursday, June 30, 2011

That's deserving of a pint

So today a few of us decided to "celebrate" the end of the school week by trying to find the atlantic ocean.  I mean, we are on the coast, right? Wrong.  This is a scam, because i walked at least 7 miles total today and nowhere in there did i see the atlantic.  I want to know where i am..

Actually, we stopped walking because we were getting closer and closer and crossing streets and streets and then the industrial park kept going and going, eventually blocking us.  Bastards

This is where we turn around
Other than that it was lovely just lovely walking.  I officially have license to sit on a couch for like four hours and not do anything.

Last night we went to the gaiety school of acting's graduation performance titled "Toxic".  It was fucking incredible.  I think it was close to three hours total running time (with intermission), but you wouldn't believe it.  Also, all of the theaters here have a full bar.  Quite nice.   And yes, they did feature britney spears' single "toxic" about three times during the show.  One of the renditions was almost slow and romantic..kind of odd.

and here are ryan and cody eating their buffet food. they had three plates. kristine and i went for the sandwich place and i had brie on mine! so good.
ahem, and that's the liffey in the back


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