Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hello Hello, apologies for the delay but here I am with 3 cups of tea and chipper as can be!

this is i at the famous Bewley's Cafe on Grafton Street on Bloomsday (June 16th)

I've probably never loved school, like actual school, more before this trip.  I'm even getting really into the Irish Lit & Drama courses way more than I'd thought.

This week marks the last week of my first workshop instructor here-Mary Morrissy.  This is her
though she's not as young as that photo.  She has us doing very interesting in-class assignments.  The first day she gave us sixty words and had us write a twenty line poem using at least half of the words.  The challenge was actually really fun and I really don't think I would have produced a poem like that on my own..As the course went on she got less and less strict.  I hated the limitations but now I think it is/was a good thing and pushed me in different directions that I might not have done in that short time period.  Blah.

mkay, no more unnecessary capitalization. it gets tiring! and i feel too proper.

looking forward to Martin Roper, though.  his workshop is supposedly very different from Mary's, which is why he chose her, says he.  this is him
though again, not as young as that photo. he always takes us out for pints after the theatre performances, has quick goodbyes, and he takes you out to dinner/lunch if you want to meet with him (and the program fees cover the meal, which rules). if he paid out of his pocket it'd be super creepy.

i saw the Book of Kells and it was incredible.  i wish i could've stared at those pages longer. wonder if they turn them each day? i think they might.. i want that job.

the full irish breakfast is something everybody deserves especially when you're hungover. $6.95 for tea/coffe+full irish breakfast. yes please! i'll have that. lots of places do cool slice-o-cake+tea/coffee for like four euro too. haven't done it but will. it's also funny, but cool, how many of the bars are multi pupose. i believe there's one that's a sushi/bar/cafe/kareoke place. most of them are just cafe/bar/dining.

going to dingle this past weekend was the highest point of being in ireland thus far.  dingle is completely different from dublin. it's much smaller, and many of the houses look like tiny ornaments that you just want to squeeeze. we rode on a boat for an hour and it was the most exciting/thrilling/scary experience, fuck-that was awesome. we landed at Ross Castle, which was interesting.  it was once a castle used for defense, so it wasn't as ornate as you'd image a stereotypical castle. everybody pretty much slept in the same room, which was at the top-unless you were a servant, and then you got the tiny room that was the warmest, but also spread sickness the most. something called "puter" was in all their dishes and many of the people that lived there didn't live past their very early thirties. the life expectancy of somebody outside of the castle was in their mid fifties. and these people had no idea whatsoever, trying to defend themselves when they were only killing themselves quicker..
interesante !
the best part of that trip was going to the Atlantic Ocean. i seriously cannot describe to you how beautiful it was but i will put up a photo

cute lil' dingle

we have readings every monday. so far we've seen Sibhan Campbell, Roddy Doyle, Paula Meehan, and Dermot Bolger.  all from the north side of dublin too.  Mr. Roper's making it very clear that he prefers the north side..the south side (where i live, ha) is supposedly where the more affluent people dwell, while the north side is supposedly where the more working-class people dwell.  either way, all of those writers were really great. Paula Meehan and Roddy Doyle especially.

tomorrow we are seeing Toxic at the Project Theatre, should be grand.


                         and here is an old abandoned ship we discovered in dingle. enjoy

                                     and yes it's our third album..taking a break

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