Monday, May 30, 2011

Irish you were coming with

Lil' tike of a Cristin wearing appropriate shirt

Howdy friends and foes.  Hopefully it's no surprise to you that I'm leaving for six weeks for Ireland, I think I've probably drunkenly bragged/lamented to you at least thrice.  Three's a charm!  Yes I'm excited and yes I'm scared but yes I know I would've been kicking the crap out of myself if I didn't apply for this program.

I'll be writing, drinking, and making new friends overseas.  Everything I'm hearing is all positive so it should be a ball.  And I know my family comes from Ireland so I really want to see if there's a Noonan Pub fact I'm almost certain there is.  I shall travel all day and all night if I can't find one!  Great fortune soon to come.  

It's true that my dad is 100% Irish and that I'm 62.5% Irish and that I come from a family who's very very into our heritage.  Hence why I know the exact percent.  Ah, in my youth I prided myself upon knowing that fact and now I feel silly.

This is a place I've dreamed of going to.  I just can't believe that not only will I be visiting Ireland, I'll actually be going to school in Ireland.  Like a local..except I won't be attending a real university there but a study abroad center-nevertheless it is cool.  Dublin, Ireland to be exact.


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